Sign Of The Month

ML Event Rentals Vehicle Wrap


CHM Weatherguard Outdoor Wood & Metal Sign

Vehicle Wrap for UT Bus

This month we would like to display the incredibly awesome bus wrap for the University of Texas. It showcases a multitude of excellent features offered here at Larry Perez Signs & Graphix. The concept and layout are executed with several UT emblems intertwining with flames and flares complimenting the buses shape. Using one-way window applications you can see the design on one side and look straight through from the other. The opaque wrap that covers the rest of the bus offers brilliant colors and eye-catching contrast capabilities.


Parkhurst Creative Design Corporate Wall Sign

Parkhurst is a graphic design company that offers only superior quality design. So to represent the company there could be no other choice than to have a high-quality corporate wall sign to hang in their office. This 6 ft LED back lit sign is made with a front of acrylic and a wood backing and a chrome foil center to maximize the light's reflection out through the etched letters.


Forest Creek Family Dental Signage

The Forest Creek Family Dental hanging sign is a masterpiece of its own. Designed and constructed by Larry Perez and his team the architectural structure was composed of solid wood beams, stone brick masonry, and iron fastenings. The nameplate was sandblasted creating alternate textures and then hand painted for eye-catching exposure on Red Bud Rd. To top everything off vintage brass numbers were used to compliment the deep wood color at the top of the structure.